Next Steps

Welcome to the #CMesaU family as a #NewMav!

It’s official. You’re now a part of the Maverick family — or Mavily! To make sure you’re ready for the first day of class, complete the following steps. As always, if you or family members have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Get familiar with

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院Use your Student ID (700#) to create a new password and get started.

Go to MAVzone

MAVzone is Colorado Mesa University’s Online Campus Portal

MAVzone provides single sign-on and secure access to your personalized information, your CMU student account, your CMU email account, online classes, and network drives. Once your CMU email account is activated, this is how you will communicate with all faculty and staff on campus.

Browse MAVzone applications and services, view outstanding tasks and requirements, manage your personal account information, and much more!

Review and complete the steps below

You can also find "Next steps" items under "My Tasks" in MAVzone.

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院At orientation you will meet your academic advisor, register for classes, learn about student services and become familiar with campus.

All incoming, first-time students from Colorado are required 国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院to attend orientation. 

Out-of-state and transfer students are strongly encouraged to attend, but not required. Out-of-state and transfer students not attending an orientation should contact IRIS to schedule an appointment to register for classes over the phone. 

Pre-orientation testing

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院Check if you need to take placement exams BEFORE registering for orientation.

Register for orientation

View upcoming orientation dates and register for a day that works for you.

Review the pre-orientation checklist

Make sure you have these items completed BEFORE you attend orientation.

Attend orientation and register for classes

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院When you attend orientation you will meet with your academic advisor who will guide you through course registration.

Transfer students:

If you are transferring to CMU and previously attended another college/university, review the steps below.

As you prepare to make CMU your home away from home, we encourage you to dive in, get involved and make the most of your college career.

Get ready for college-level classes

国产自拍|偷拍视频2018国产|2017最新在线国产自拍高清影院You can enroll in the "UNIV 101 First Year College Success" course. It's offered during the traditional semester, or there is a version called Freshman Year Initiative (FYI) that is offered one week before the fall semester begins.

View the CMU academic calendar

View our calendar to familiarize yourself with important dates, semester breaks, holidays and exam schedules.

Get involved

Check out the clubs and organizations on campus that you can join and learn more about student life.